About Us

Mr. R.C Jain is result oriented spiritual life coach, who is blessed with the power of sixth sense and has developed it gradually for it to be stronger and sharper. This power motivated him to make positive use of his energy and to help people grow spiritually as well as mentally. Thus he diagnose and understand the subtle causes that affect a relationship or any kind of life time event’s which are beyond the understanding of human intellect.

His expertise in life coaching and continuous devotion of 45 years to Lord Hanuman ji, has not only helped him to develop the power to help people spiritually but also heal them and their problems mentally via the science of stars. One of a kind, Mr. R.C Jain is well known in corporate circles for his result driven life coaching advices which have not only made business’s stable but have also multiplied the companies turnover and uplifted their profit many folds. With his life coaching skills in reading the planetary position, expertise like Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Colour Therapy, Yoga, Gems Therapy and a Spiritual advisory.

Apart from all these qualities, Mr.R.C. Jain is the master of Spiritual Healer. He has not only helped his clients to be mentally and spiritually stronger but have also solved the toughest of depression cases even where person had lost hope and his techniques have resulted into complete client satisfaction. His process to solve depression or any other kind of problems is as pure as any form of devotion and prayers. Please be aware: He does not believe in solving an issue with black magic or harm anyone in the process. His pure and positive ways to heal his clients and resolve all their issues has made him much stronger in spiritual powers with scientific results.

As he always quotes ‘God Help those who help Themselves’. He can be the medium of the changes in your life but ultimately you are the one who have to help yourself to execute his advice for making this change happen.

Thus if you want positivity, peace and prosperity in your life and need a ‘real’ professional help in multiple aspects of life, right from Advices on Marriage, Finance, Health, Education, Carrier Guidance, Property and curing depression Mr.R.C. Jain will help you out with a scientific solution with positive results.

Every problem in life has solution all you need is right guidance and patience. Meet your life coach and see the difference.
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